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Duration:09/08/2022 - 07/09/2022
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US$100 Tesla
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Worth about HK$785
$0 Commission trading
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Worth HK$300
Waive the Fee for Margin IPO Subscription
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New Clients Transfer Reward

Worth US$138

HK$50,000≤Cumulative Net transfer Amount<HK$300,000

Worth US$488

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Why Webull
Strong Brand
· More than 25 million users worldwide *
· Popular investment App in the US
· Official Partner of Brooklyn Nets
· Partner of Nasdaq TotalView
First Choice for U.S. Stocks Trading
· $0 Commission, $0 Platform fee for Stocks and Long Options
· Full cover 16 US trading hours
· Level 2 50 best bid and ask quotes
· OPRA option real-time quotes
· 17 Line Drawing Tools, 61 Technical Indicators
· 1 account for cross-platform use
· Best quote on 16 U.S. exchanges (NBBO) Provided
Essential for Hong Kong Stocks Trading
· HK stocks $0 commission, $0 membership fees
· $0 Charge for cash IPO subscription
^Webull only supports long position trading of US stock options now, and the trading authority needs to be opened after agreeing to the additional terms of option trading.
*"Over 25 million users worldwide": The data source is the number of accumulated active devices based on Webull Technologies Limited's internal statistics as of April 30, 2022. "User" is defined as the device that has opened Webull App and platforms at least once before the statistical deadline. Each independent and unduplicated device is counted as an independent user, and "Users" include both registered and unregistered app users.
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